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Jabra Halo

I am now listening to the music on Jabra Halo Bluetooth headset. I can't describe that "wow" factor. This is a light wireless bluetooth headset that plays perfect music with that bass punch and crisp treble.

The mic is good for that conversation with your love one or friends. It doesn't get the perfect score for the mic but it's not far from there.

The design is slim and light. You might not notice it on my head.

This is one that you would want to go with your iPhone.

-- Post From My iPhone

HTC Magic

I have the chance of playing withthe HTC Magic for the past few days. I reserved some of my comments for that so called iPhone killer. It's no way near there. When Linux was launched, everyone is excited about it but it didn't take off even though it is free and has a very nicely interface built. Why?

It's simple. It's an open source OS. Everyone under the sun has a say of the OS. It creates tons of confusion. There is no standard throughout the system. For example, what should I use to read my email? There are gmail for gmail, something else for exchange email and some others too. Then how about facebook? Yes, someone build a facebook app, but it is just a browser shell access the facebook mobile.

I also noted that the wifi doesn't connect that fast. IPhone is good at picking up your home wifi and connect it fast enough. If the wifi is drop, it switches to the 3G seamlessly. But not the HTC Magic.

Lastly, the phone OS is sluggish!

-- Post From My iPhone

Kingston DataTraveler

There are many thumbdrives flooding the market. Some are of good quality and some are just there to make up the numbers.

Kingston DataTraveler is one that is quite well made and allows fast read/write. It takes less than 30 seconds to copy 350MB of data across. Another test with a 3.5GB data takes less than 2 minutes.

-- Post From My iPhone

DIY Wireless Digital Camera

Have you ever find how troublesome it is to remove the memory card from your digital camera and copy the photos to your computer? Or find it tedious to use the provided USB cable to transfer the photos from your digital camera?
The Eye-Fi SD Card is your saviour! It enable wireless for your digital camera. The Eye-Fi Card stores photos & videos like a traditional memory card, and fits in most cameras. When you turn your camera on within range of a configured Wi-Fi network, it wirelessly transfersyour photos & videos. Additional to that, you can automatically have them sent to your computer, or to your favorite photo sharing website - or both! Best of all, it works for PC and mac. Check out at

An Intellient Pet

Have you ever wanted a pet that you do not need to shower, feed and clean up their poops?

You can with this cute little artificial intelligent dinosaur Pleo. It has it's own thoughts having six microprocessors and more than forty motors. It has touch sensors all over it's body to detect and feel your touches.
The downside is that the battery lasted only an hour of play. The skin-like rubbery body is easily susceptible to wear and tear. It's manufacturer, UGlobe, has declared bankrupt on 20th April 2009.

If you can overcome the downside, be prepare to pay for about USD200 from Amazon. In Singapore, you can get it for around SGD768.

For more information, you can visit

An Interesting iPhone Clone from China

There is a very interesting iPhone clone from China - Meizu M8. This product was announced about 2 years ago when first generation of the iPhone was launched. Apparently it wasn't taken seriously when Meizu's boss, Jack Wong, casually announced it over at their Meizu Chinese forum.
Time has come and they have finally launched their first ever mobile phone. For those ignorant, Meizu is a well-known multimedia player from China having recently launched their latest player Meizu M6.
I have a chance to play with the phone today. I am impressed with the overall performance and responsiveness of the phone. I would have fork out SGD699 for the 8GB phone but knowing that it is a Windows Mobile afterall, I stopped short of doing that.
If you have seem the demo of the phone, you would probably thought that it's an iPhone. It was an almost perfect clone of iPhone, hardware and software too. It supports multi-touch and has a 3.2 MegaPixel camera with the photo viewer that works just like…

Mobile Phone Software Upgrades

iPhone 3.0 is great! And so is iPhone 1.x, 2.x...
You might not agree with me. iPhone lacks many basic features that even a cheap basic phone has, but have you ever wonder how Apple made upgrading of the iPhone software/firmware so easy? Not even Nokia, Palm, Samsung, HTC or even RIM provide you such an easy and convenient way to do your upgrade.
I remembered the days where either you have to install clumsy software on your PC to do the software and firmware upgrades; or you probably have to travel to the service center and leave your phone there for them to upgrade the software for you. It was such an inconvenience. Worst, they did not even bother to inform you of any software upgrades. You have to be tech savvy to surf the mobile forums to even know of any upgrades.
Apple changes the whole game plan. You buy their phone and you get new features without paying additional money for a whole new mobile. With others, if you want the new features you buy their new phones!

iPhone 3.0

Apple has announced the preview of iPhone 3.0. With Palm Pre breathing down it's neck, it has finally decided to incorporate most of the long list of requests.
Here's a list of the items in iPhone 3.0 which is slated for June 2009 release.
- In-App Purchasing: Allows developers to sell additional content from within applications. Highlighted uses include magazine subscriptions, eBooks, additional levels and items for games.
- Peer-to-Peer Connectivity: Find other devices running the app via Bonjour over Wi-Fi of Bluetooth. Good for gaming, but also other applications for sharing data.
- Third-Party Accessory Apps: Allowing accessory manufacturers to create applications to interface with their hardware accessories.
- Push Notification: Rather than using background processes that hamper battery life, utilize third-party server to push badge, text, and audio alerts from applications.
- Turn by Turn: Apple will allow developers to use CoreLocation for turn-by-turn GPS directions.
- Cut, …

I wrote my first iPhone App

There's never a better mobile development other than Apple iPhone Apps that can be develop easily on the Mac OS. I said easy because I have never succeeded in creating a mobile application (other than MS Mobile). For iPhone, it took me only an hour to develop the Car Loan Calculator.
Here's the screenshots of my first product.

Probably a competent iPhone competitor

Apple iPhone has been launched for more than a year and half since the first generation. Many clones come and go, so far no mobile makers manage to provide a good challenge to Apple iPhone.

I remembered last December 2008 that Palm make an announcement that they will have a press conference about a new product launch on early January 2009. I thought that Palm might be launching some kind of a new Treo touch phone. The Palm share was trading at USD1.88 at that time. I was contemplating of buying a lot of that share and sought some advice but all were against it with a remark that Palm is as good as dead.
January 2009 comes and they announced Palm Pre with a good presentation of the working unit. This is an exciting product which many might have thought that it is the next generation of iPhone had it not been a Palm engraved behind the phone. There is nothing wrong to think about that as the next generation iPhone because the design has some kind of Apple's characteristic of clean, ne…

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