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A Short Review of Kindle Fire

I received my Kindle Fire today. It came in a box made of recycled cardboard. Tear open the box and you will find the Kindle Fire and a charger underneath. No USB cable is provided.

It looks cool, small and light. The screen sharpness, color and brightness is fantastic. Capacitive touch screen is good and responsive. The keyboard is easy to type probably due to the 7" size.

I will not go into the rest where you have already read in other technical blogs or review. I will just give you my few cents of opinions.

 1. Kindle Fire is laggy. Slow at times...

2. Due to the 7" size, net surfing is not comfortable. You will need to do a lot of scrolling.

3. The built-in silk browser is slow, you might want to consider Opera Mini.

4. If you are using the Fire outside US, you can't download Apps. This is restrictive and is odd considering that you are allow to purchase books.

Overall, it is still consider a value buy because where can you a tablet with a good LCD and touchscreen at…

Aztech Wireless-N Repeater

I have been looking for a good and simple wifi repeater for quite a while. I have tried configuring unused wifi router to use as a repeater but none prove good. Furthermore the configuration is not simple.

I stumbled upon Aztech Wireless-N Repeater last week in a computer mall. The Aztech Wireless-N WL556E repeater is small, and surprisingly very easily to configure. Just plug onto a socket, connect the network cable provided into the PC and WL556E. Go to your browser and enter the IP provided in the quick guide. Follow through 2-3 steps and you are done. Unplug the device and go look for a place where your wifi signal is weak yet visible enough to be repeated.

I have been using it for a week and it's been fantastic and highly recommended.

Smart Baby Series

If you are reading this article, most likely you would have bought a copy of Smart Baby Series. This has been one of my best selling Apps in Apple App Store having sold a few thousands copies. I believe that most of you who have bought the App would have known Glenn Doman teaching methods for baby - that is flashing flash cards to stimulate the brain activities and keeping the neurons active thus increasing their intelligence.

I am a parent myself and went through the same GD teaching method to my son. He is now a 4-year old boy who is active and very smart. I am a believer of GD teaching having see the result of my son.

For your information, Smart Baby Series target babies 0-6 months old. You might comment that your baby isn't interested in the flash cards shown to them, but in reality they are learning. Just do your diligent 2-3 times a day and see the result for yourself. You are most likely to get a smart active baby compared to those that just lie there on the mattress or sit…

Cam Monitor

Overview of Cam Monitor Cam Monitor allows you to monitor your CCTV made or OEM by FUHO Technology. The easy configuration allows you to setup the application quickly and starts monitoring.

It supports most of the 4-channels DVR manufactured by FUHO. Refer to the screenshots for the models supported.

1. Quick and easy setup

2. View all 4 cameras in one view

3. Tap on any camera to view fullscreen mode.

4. Capture the moment (with the latest update)

Setup Instructions 1. Tap on the (i) icon to enter the Setup screen. The (i) icon may not be visible depending on your current video and background color, but it’s right at the top right corner.

2. Enter your DynDNS name in the host field.
3. Enter the Port number.
4. Enter your Login User ID to the DVR. Note: DVR login ID, NOT the DynDNS login ID.
5. Enter your password to the DVR.

6. You can turn on and off the cameras.
7. Save.
Once saved, you will be returned to the 4-Camera view. Wait for a few seconds for the software to connect and gr…