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My Sony PSP

Playing with Sony PSP is one of my favourite past-time leisure.

The design of the PSP typical of Sony; that is cool! Top black glossy plastic with matt black plastic bottom. The quality of build is excellent, top grade plastics. The buttons are nicely layout and the buttons are same as those on the standard PS2. My only complain is the material used for thumb controller. I seriously hope it is made of rubber for better grip. Nevertheless, it is still a great gadget.

The user interface of the system is simple even for a novice. You can easily play your game or video by inserting the UMD and it will autoplay. PSP allows playing of MP3 and MP4 as well as slide shows of your photos.

The newer firmware which can be update over the air, provides some cool features such as RSS Reader and the web broswer. This is one of the best web browser on portable devices. It is comparable to Nokia E60 web browser, if not better. The page navigation is excellent, pressing the square button and…