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Showing posts from October, 2005
Restoring the glorious look of a iPod
Owners of iPod always had a problem ensuring that their iPod are free from scratches. So came the expensive sillicon case and screen protectors.
No more, someone in the net has posted a restoration process to bring back the glorious days of your new iPod with a cheap Brasso.
Check out here for the entire process...
Sony Ericsson K600i

This is my first 3G phone. It's been a while since I had a Sony Ericsson phone. My last SE phone was a T610 about 2 years back. Ever since then, I have had Motorola MP200, Nokia 6670 and my last phone O2 XDA II Mini.
When it comes to design, I would gives a thumb-up to Sony Ericsson. Ever since their partnership, they have introduce many new and sexy phones. Their user interface has also been changed to look sexy and more usable.
I have been looking for a switch to a 3G phone but decided to hold back due to the limited selection and bulky size. Not till SE introduce K600i.
This phone is almost perfect minuses the memory expansion and the restriction to change the message alert tone. The quality of the build is excellent with good voice quality and excellent speaker phone.
Well done, Sony Ericsson.