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Motorola V3

Managed to get this sexy phone over the last Christmas at a very good price. I had been hearing how sexy and beautiful this phone is such that you can't live without it.
My first impression... wow, so slim so sexy. It was beautifully crafted and the quality of build was excellent.No flaw on the design in my own opinion.
Well, I have not been using it now... Why? Usability issue. Maybe it may be that I am used to Nokia or Sony Ericsson excellent software design. I just couldn't get myself to use the phone comfortably. One major upset for me, you can't filter the phonebook either by SIM CONTACTS, PHONEBOOK CONTACTS or BOTH. I think this is the most basic flaw, at least to me!
You can have mine for SGD300 if you don't mind the above issue, any takers?