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Casio Exilim S500 Review

Casio Exilim series of cameras have been renounce for it's battery life as well as small footprint. The latest Exilim S500 is no exception.

It is the smallest and tiniest 5 megapix camera in the world at the moment. The attraction to this camera lies not only in the size and the built quality but also the image stabilizer. I have been playing with it for the past few weeks and had a fair share of my personal opinions.

The picture quality of this camera is below par or slightly average. Grains can be seem in pictures taken. The flash seems to be too powerful that close shot of human flesh tones turn white. The digital image stabilizer works only in slightly low light condition and it does not seems to hold its foot well when in very low light condition. You have only 2 options with the image stabilizer - Auto or Disabled. When you set that to Auto, you will not known when is it employ... Panasonic FX series OIS is a better stabilizer as it employs a optical st…