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Battery Calibration

Sometimes you might wonder why the mobile phone makers always ask you to charge your battery for at least 10 hours before first use? Or have you ever wonder why the battery life is so short for daily use as conpared to others who are using the same phone?

The probability, other than usage pattern such as Wi-Fi or UMTS, is that you have not calibrate the batter (by charging for the required hours on first use). All is not too late now. The following steps might help.

1. Use your battery till it is fully flat. That is, it no longer can power up the phone.

2. Put your phone on full charge for at least 8 hours (or as required by your manufacturer).

You will find that your battery should last longer than usual. But do bear in mind that there are many factors that contributes to high power usage. The highly culprit during normal usage are continous usage of 3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi for push mail. Weak GSM signal should not be ignore in this case.