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My First 3D Printer - Pirate3D Buccaneer

This is the 3D printer that many had touted as easy and works flawlessly. This is a printer for someone who wants to bypass the hassle that comes with endless customisation. This is also one of the few small form factor 3D printer, the other being Da Vinci Mini and M3D. So how does the reviews compared to actual usage?

Pros It really works and the quality of print is fantastic even at 200 microns. It is as reliable as any of your inkjet printer. It can connect wirelessly to your home network so that you can print wirelessly from your PC. However to do that, you will need to connect your mobile to the buccaneer wifi during the initial setup and configure it to connect to your home wifi. Once that is done, you can literally print from anywhere in your home. You can print up to a size of 13cm x 9.6cm x 13.9cm and up to superfine print of 50 microns. Cons Let's look at the cons. Buccaneer doesn't have the power switch, you have to switch your main to turn on and off. You can only u…