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The iPhone Ripple Effects

iPhone is one of the most successful product that Apple has ever made. Not only did it capture the whole wide range of audience, it has a ripple effects on the sales of it's other products.
The wonderful interface and usability of iPhone introduces many people to Apple and it's range of products. 
Prior to iPhone, I only have 3 iPods - the mini, nano and shuffle. Ever since the ownership of the iPhone, I have added a 20-inch iMac and the latest Macbook Air!
There's only ONE setback... the ever nagging of the woman in your life!

Goodbye Windows, Welcome Mac!

I have becomes the latest Mac switcher. 
To be honest, it takes quite a lot of thoughts and many sleepless night to make the first move.  And finally I bought a 20" 2.4GHz iMac 3 weeks ago. It was a tough decision but it is never a regrettable one. All I need now is just ONE power cable to the machine. No more messy and unsightly cables. No more for warm and noisy CPU box. 
Gone are the days that I need to worry about anti-virus.
No more dirty registries when installing/uninstalling programs. Oops... you don't install app in Mac, you drag the app to the Applications folder.
No need to shutdown my Windows and wait for it to boot up. My iMac never needs to shutdown, it just go to sleep!
It's easy to use.
Life is never the same after that.

The Amazing Macbook Air!

It's amazing how Apple did managed to pull-off another "wow" after the iPhone! I have to give a thumbs-up to the designers and engineers in Apple. I'd wish that our local Singapore's Creative could give Apple a run for its money... fat hope!
I believe that Steve Jobs have given his team tons of freedom to come out with a product. The designers did not have to worry about how the engineering team is going to incorporate the internal circuitry. They also have the blessing of Steve to exclude ports, replacement battery and etc etc.
And here's the latest product from Apple - The Macbook Air! If you do not know what is a Macbook Air, then you are out of touch with the technological world! Macbook Air is the latest ultra-slim and ultralight notebook from Apple. The thinnest part of the notebook is 0.4cm and it tappled to the thickest part at the rear at 1.94cm. It weights about 1.36kg.
Here's are some worthy features to consider. It does not have any protrusions or…

A Black iPhone!

Customizing a BLACK iPhone!

I have just customized my iPhone to an Black powder-coated iPhone. My friend who have access to all sorts of coloring and plating facilities did a black coating on the iPhone bezel and the back casing. The coating is scratch proof.

Here's the pictures of the my prize.