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Quick overview of Palm Treo 750v
The Windows Mobile from Palm has finally reached the shore of Singapore. It is exclusive to M1 due to its partnership with Vodafone. The v behind the 750 indicates that it is branded and exclusive to Vodafone. It has been a while since my last Palm m500 a few years back.

Palm Treo 750v feels solid and robust, typical of Palm devices. I love the soft feel of the new material used.

This smartphone delivers everything you need without compromise. It runs on Windows Mobile 5.2 and not the traditional Palm OS. Palm has customized the Windows Mobile OS such that everything works right from the TODAY screen. TODAY screen gives you direct access to your contacts, e-mail, calendar events, speed dials, and more. The key to using Palm Treo 750v effectively is to understand the Today screen.

I have had many previous versions of WM devices. Having this type of smartphone without a keypad, be it T9 or QWERTY, is a pain. You are fortunate that the QWERTY keypads come …