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A non-techie review of Pebble

After waiting for more than 5 months, my Pebbles have finally arrived. From the mailing packaging, it seems that it has been sent locally in Singapore.

Opening the mailing package, I was presented with Pebble's brown cardboard packaging with basic information printed on in black.

There is a "zipper" on the side of the package where you tear off to review your newly acquired smart-watch and a magnetic USB charging cable layout in white preformed plastics. Nothing to shout about the design of the packaging, it's akin to that of Amazon Kindle Fire packaging.

You might already have the Pebble app installed either on your iPhone or Android smartphone. If not, head to App Store or Play Store to download it. Before you proceed to launch the app, power up the watch by pressing the left button (the lone button on the left). Once powered up, go to your phone Bluetooth setting to pair up the devices. When done, you can launch the app. It will prompt you to download and update …