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Setting up Exchange ActiveSync on Sony Ericsson P990i

SE P990i has kept everyone waited for almost a year. It was slated to be released in October 2005 but only release in August 2006 due to some stability issue.

Nevertheless, P990i is a powerful smartphone with tons of features. It will probably take me a while to do a total review. That's not my intention, there's many review out there on the internet. On my part, I will write a review on the Exchange ActiveSync that was pre-loaded with the phone.

Exchange ActiveSync is developed by Dataviz, with the main component ActiveSync licensed directly from Microsoft. The working logic and methodology is similar to that of MS ActiveSync from Windows Mobile devices.

Setting up the Exchange ActiveSync is a complete breeze. Well, users might encounter annoying issue if Blackberry Connects is already pre-installed by the mobile operators. Reason being P990i will only allows one pushmail setup. Resolving the problem is a matter of removing t…