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iPhone 5 is fastest smartphone!

In my earlier blog, I mentioned that iPhone 5 edge out Samsung Galaxy III slightly. Someone wrote and argue with me that the result is fake because iPhone 5 has not been released yet. She pointed me to an article that doubt the authenticity of the result.

Well, now that the iPhone 5 is out, and the moment of truth... iPhone 5 is indeed the fastest smartphone in land. Not only that, an iPhone 4S upgraded to iOS 6 is also on par with a... quad core Samsung Galaxy S III!
Click here for the full report.

iPhone 5 edge out S3 slightly...

For all the boosting of quad core processor from Samsung Galaxy S3, it still doesn't beat a dual core A6 processor from Apple. Check out the geekbench result below:

First Look at iPhone 5

The rumours mills are working extremely hard this year. Parts of iPhone 5 have been all over the place. The final assembly of the physical phone was out even before Apple sent out the media invitation for 12th September 2012.

My first reaction to the design of iPhone 5 is... disappointed! Don't poke me, I am really disappointed and disgusted that after having the same iPhone design (4 and 4S) for the past 2 years, we are getting the same look and design again for the next one year. I mean same design but slightly thinner and longer phone. If you have not seen the iPhone 5 before, check out the video here:

Android owners will be laughing at us for having the same phone for 3 years. Apple is not moving, or are they complacent since SJ passing?

What's the purpose of having a 4 inches screen bearing a 16:9 ratio and having a weird resolution of 640 x 1136? We can't really think of what's Apple's plan with that.

To think of it again, I realised that I have wrong Apple.