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My First 3D Printer - Pirate3D Buccaneer

This is the 3D printer that many had touted as easy and works flawlessly. This is a printer for someone who wants to bypass the hassle that comes with endless customisation. This is also one of the few small form factor 3D printer, the other being Da Vinci Mini and M3D. So how does the reviews compared to actual usage?

Pros It really works and the quality of print is fantastic even at 200 microns. It is as reliable as any of your inkjet printer. It can connect wirelessly to your home network so that you can print wirelessly from your PC. However to do that, you will need to connect your mobile to the buccaneer wifi during the initial setup and configure it to connect to your home wifi. Once that is done, you can literally print from anywhere in your home. You can print up to a size of 13cm x 9.6cm x 13.9cm and up to superfine print of 50 microns. Cons Let's look at the cons. Buccaneer doesn't have the power switch, you have to switch your main to turn on and off. You can only u…
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Is Apple Watch Series 2 GPS really working?

I have been actively using Apple Watch 2 Nike Plus for my running activities for a few months. I usually run with my iPhone as well just in case that I have an emergency need to make a call for help.  I wasn't aware of the negativity of the Apple Watch 2 (AW2) GPS since the Nike+ Run Club (NRC) App recorded and tracked my running route pretty good, though not as accurate as my Fenix 3 HR but acceptable.

Recently there are a few occasions that I ran without my iPhone. On syncing the data after each run, I found out that there is some issues with the AW2 GPS. Without the iPhone, it seems that AW2 GPS randomly tracked the route. The starting point and ending point is also inaccurate.

As you can see from the screenshots that I have captured from the NRC and Garmin apps, AW2 GPS tracking are way off. Though the distance tracked is more or less correct.

I sent my AW2 back to Apple Authorized Service Center in Singapore to complain about the GPS. They did a software diagnostic and said t…

Pairing Withings Steel HR with an iPhone

Here's a short video on how to pair your Withings Steel HR with an iPhone. The entire process is seamless except for the fact that you have to register a Withings account.

Check out the video here!

Unboxing Withings Steel HR

I have managed to get the Withings Steel HR shipped from Amazon to Singapore. It took about 3 weeks for my order to arrive, is it worth the wait? You bet!

Here's a video of my unboxing!

Enjoy! Do check out my other post on setting up the watch with my iPhone.

DJI Mavic Pro - A Novice Take!

This is the first time that I have had a chance to fly a drone, and it's the DJI Mavic Pro. I have heard and read a lot on the DJI Phantom drones, about how good and easy it is. However this is my virgin flight and encounter with one. So how does it goes?

I have recorded my first YouTube video review and hope you all will like it.

The compact and foldable design of the DJI Mavic Pro makes it easy to carry around. I simply slot it in my backpack, goes to work and fly it off during my lunch hours.

The Flying Experience
DJI Mavic Pro has the beginner mode. Taking off is simply tapping on the take off button. The system will launch and fly the drone to a height of 1.2 meters. From there, you can take control and fly it further up.

Given that you are flying in beginner mode, DJI has make it such that the drone can only goes up to a height of 30 meters and within a radius of 30 meters from where you take off. This is to ensure that you are always having a line of sight and peace of…

Getting Watch Maker and third party watch faces to work on an iOS connected Android Wear

Many people loves their Apple Watch, so do I. As Android Wear improves over the past year,  we started to take it seriously. I have got an Huawei Watch with cool round 400x400 pixel AMOLED display. It looks like a traditional watch with a glance at it. The cool thing about having an Android Wear is that you have access to tons of cool watch faces. Apple Watch is limited by the fact that it has limited selection build by Apple, no developer has been given access to build any watch face for it.

You must be wondering how do you connect your Android Wear to iPhone and get access to third party watch faces. The Android Wear iOS app provided by Google provides access to some limited selection of watch faces, you can't use any of those that are out there on the internet developed for Watch Maker or Facer.

Thanks to Kevin from XDA Forum, you are in luck now. 

You can now install third party watch faces on your Android Wear and get connected to iPhone for notifications and Google Now. It may …

Apple Watch versus Tom Tom

Today I took Apple Watch and Tom Tom Multi-Sports Cardio (TT) for a run. I left my iPhone at home as I have ran with Apple Watch pairing the iPhone for the past 2 activities.

Here's the result:

Apple Watch tracked my distance at 3.07km while my trusted TT recorded 2.81km. A difference of 260m. Given that Apple Watch does not have access to the iPhone GPS, this is acceptable.

The average heart rate recorded by both watches is the same at 133bpm. The calories burnt on TT shows 179 calories while Apple calculated at 160 calories.

I would consider Apple Watch good for casual fitness folks but I will still go with my TT for any serious exercise.