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My take on iPod Nano

The iPod nano is intended to be Apple's new best-selling iPod product that iPod mini used to hold. Given all of the improvements that the iPod nano has seen over the mini and even regular-sized iPods, I can see it hitting that point in the very near future.

Diehard iPod users who have tons of music will probably still avoid the nano because of its relatively small storage capacity in comparison with standard iPods. After all, the gap between the highest-end iPod nano and the lowest-end iPod is rather large—4GB vs. 20GB—but of course, with only a small price difference of S$100 between the two, this strategic spacing is right out of Apple's strategy. However, iPod shuffle users and previous (or even current) iPod mini users may be very tempted to get an iPod nano now, given all of the new and shrunken bright & shiny features.

The nano is nearly perfect; it is amazingly small and packs almost all of the features of the iPod photo and a few more. If it weren…
Apple vs Creative

Creative has been the pioneer of MP3 players and have been the parent of many designs and colorful MP3 players of different sizes cater to different segments of audience.

Apple is the slower starter and have only 4 designs of players till date.

Both companies have been producing better audio quality players. Yet Apple have the biggest market shares. Why is that so?

It all boils down to focus and design. Apple's Cupertino designer have successfully designed the coolest product on earth. The right color combination with the touch-sensitive clicked-wheel together with the easy interface makes iPod a hit. The quality of the build is never a question. All Apple needs is to keep to this design and come out with the down-sized version such as the Mini and the latest Nano.

Creative have churned out many models yet none is as successful as the iPod. I suspect that most of the models are not in-house designed but source from Korea. Their Zen and Muvo maybe in-house design, but…
iPod Nano

It's well worth the wait for the Apple's announcement. Speculations in the past few days indicated that Apple will be introducing the iTune enabled phone from Motorola Rokr (rocker). But to our surprise, they introduced a replacement for iPod Mini - the iPod Nano on the 8th Sep 2005 (7th Sep US time).

My first reaction is to logon to Apple SG website and placed my order of the 2GB White Nano for S$348.

The Nano was delivered to me this evening, well within a 6 hours timeframe. That was a prompt and timely delivery.

The Nano was indeed similar to the original iPod minuses the size and capacity. It was so cool, light and can be place in my business shirt pocket without the weight and bulge. This is what I have looking for.

I have yet to test the battery life and audio quality but I am sure that I will not be disappointed.
MP3 Players

I have been looking for a good and small mp3 player for the past few weeks. No doubt there are many mp3 players in the market currently, it has not been an easy task due to my specific requirements .

1. The objective of my mp3 is to accompany me during my train's journey to work. I am trying to commute nowadays in order to avoid the traffic and increasing fuel price.

2. The audio quality of the sound is very important to me.

3. It has to be slim and light in order to fit into my shirt pocket. It should not bulge.

4. The display of the mp3 is not important to me because I hardly look at the screen. I should be sleeping during the train journey...

There are currently 2 players that I have shortlisted.

1. iPod Shuffle
2. Sony Hard Disk Walkman NW-HD5/B
3. Creative Neeon

These are small, light and can fit easily into my shirt pocket without creating a bulge. Well, just as I am about to make my pick, Apple is going announce something important in the coming Wednesday (7-Sep-2005). Wh…