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Battery Calibration

Sometimes you might wonder why the mobile phone makers always ask you to charge your battery for at least 10 hours before first use? Or have you ever wonder why the battery life is so short for daily use as conpared to others who are using the same phone?

The probability, other than usage pattern such as Wi-Fi or UMTS, is that you have not calibrate the batter (by charging for the required hours on first use). All is not too late now. The following steps might help.

1. Use your battery till it is fully flat. That is, it no longer can power up the phone.

2. Put your phone on full charge for at least 8 hours (or as required by your manufacturer).

You will find that your battery should last longer than usual. But do bear in mind that there are many factors that contributes to high power usage. The highly culprit during normal usage are continous usage of 3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi for push mail. Weak GSM signal should not be ignore in this case.
Quick overview of Palm Treo 750v
The Windows Mobile from Palm has finally reached the shore of Singapore. It is exclusive to M1 due to its partnership with Vodafone. The v behind the 750 indicates that it is branded and exclusive to Vodafone. It has been a while since my last Palm m500 a few years back.

Palm Treo 750v feels solid and robust, typical of Palm devices. I love the soft feel of the new material used.

This smartphone delivers everything you need without compromise. It runs on Windows Mobile 5.2 and not the traditional Palm OS. Palm has customized the Windows Mobile OS such that everything works right from the TODAY screen. TODAY screen gives you direct access to your contacts, e-mail, calendar events, speed dials, and more. The key to using Palm Treo 750v effectively is to understand the Today screen.

I have had many previous versions of WM devices. Having this type of smartphone without a keypad, be it T9 or QWERTY, is a pain. You are fortunate that the QWERTY keypads come …
Setting up Exchange ActiveSync on Sony Ericsson P990i

SE P990i has kept everyone waited for almost a year. It was slated to be released in October 2005 but only release in August 2006 due to some stability issue.

Nevertheless, P990i is a powerful smartphone with tons of features. It will probably take me a while to do a total review. That's not my intention, there's many review out there on the internet. On my part, I will write a review on the Exchange ActiveSync that was pre-loaded with the phone.

Exchange ActiveSync is developed by Dataviz, with the main component ActiveSync licensed directly from Microsoft. The working logic and methodology is similar to that of MS ActiveSync from Windows Mobile devices.

Setting up the Exchange ActiveSync is a complete breeze. Well, users might encounter annoying issue if Blackberry Connects is already pre-installed by the mobile operators. Reason being P990i will only allows one pushmail setup. Resolving the problem is a matter of removing t…
My Sony PSP

Playing with Sony PSP is one of my favourite past-time leisure.

The design of the PSP typical of Sony; that is cool! Top black glossy plastic with matt black plastic bottom. The quality of build is excellent, top grade plastics. The buttons are nicely layout and the buttons are same as those on the standard PS2. My only complain is the material used for thumb controller. I seriously hope it is made of rubber for better grip. Nevertheless, it is still a great gadget.

The user interface of the system is simple even for a novice. You can easily play your game or video by inserting the UMD and it will autoplay. PSP allows playing of MP3 and MP4 as well as slide shows of your photos.

The newer firmware which can be update over the air, provides some cool features such as RSS Reader and the web broswer. This is one of the best web browser on portable devices. It is comparable to Nokia E60 web browser, if not better. The page navigation is excellent, pressing the square button and…
Motorola V3

Managed to get this sexy phone over the last Christmas at a very good price. I had been hearing how sexy and beautiful this phone is such that you can't live without it.
My first impression... wow, so slim so sexy. It was beautifully crafted and the quality of build was excellent.No flaw on the design in my own opinion.
Well, I have not been using it now... Why? Usability issue. Maybe it may be that I am used to Nokia or Sony Ericsson excellent software design. I just couldn't get myself to use the phone comfortably. One major upset for me, you can't filter the phonebook either by SIM CONTACTS, PHONEBOOK CONTACTS or BOTH. I think this is the most basic flaw, at least to me!
You can have mine for SGD300 if you don't mind the above issue, any takers?