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What's the latest?

I find it hard to have any interest in any of the mobility gadgets now. Look at it this way, nothing really attract or interest me now...
Mobile Phone - Ever since I owned the iPhone, I found that Nokia Series 60 phones suck. I used to show great interest in Sony Ericsson's phones but it's no longer the case. 
PC - I got my iMac 2 months back. A great choice to me due to the design and OS stability. Lesser mess of wiring and no need to worry of where to place the CPU box.
Laptop - Yes, I own a Macbook Air. After having the iMac, I no longer wanted to be a slave to Windows. I do not want to mess with the registries, viruses and boot-up time. With the Macbook Air, I have mobility and no worries for the problems that Windows bring to us. 
So, all Apples for the moment...