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HTC HD7 - Part 2 The NOs

Let me start with the similarity between the WP7 and the original iPhone.

Just like the first iPhone, these are the NOs

1. No Copy and Paste function.

2. No front camera for video call.

3. No multitasking. Only the system apps are able to multitasked.

4. No sharing of data between apps. The applications are sandbox.

5. No folder for application.

6. And last but not least, NO Flash and Java support !!!

So do you think it's a Copycat?

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HTC HD7 - Part 1

Managed to get my hand on the HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7. This article is just a quick summary of my first impression.

The HD7 is huge!!! It has a 4.3 inches huge display. I am a Asian and it feels a bit odd on my palms. The thickness of the phone is about 11.2mm which is thinner than the iPhone 3. It weighs 162gm.

The build quality of the phone is typical that of HTC and nothing great to shout about. The back cover is thin and fragile but I doubt you will open up that often, so it's fine.

The ringer volume is kind of soft with the default ringtone. I have not managed to change the tone and it might sounds better with other tones.

I am still trying to configure the phone. Unfortunately I am not able to connect to my hidden wifi network. There is no option for me to manually specify the SSID. Will try to figure it out later.

To be continue...

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