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I wrote my first iPhone App

There's never a better mobile development other than Apple iPhone Apps that can be develop easily on the Mac OS. I said easy because I have never succeeded in creating a mobile application (other than MS Mobile). For iPhone, it took me only an hour to develop the Car Loan Calculator.
Here's the screenshots of my first product.

Probably a competent iPhone competitor

Apple iPhone has been launched for more than a year and half since the first generation. Many clones come and go, so far no mobile makers manage to provide a good challenge to Apple iPhone.

I remembered last December 2008 that Palm make an announcement that they will have a press conference about a new product launch on early January 2009. I thought that Palm might be launching some kind of a new Treo touch phone. The Palm share was trading at USD1.88 at that time. I was contemplating of buying a lot of that share and sought some advice but all were against it with a remark that Palm is as good as dead.
January 2009 comes and they announced Palm Pre with a good presentation of the working unit. This is an exciting product which many might have thought that it is the next generation of iPhone had it not been a Palm engraved behind the phone. There is nothing wrong to think about that as the next generation iPhone because the design has some kind of Apple's characteristic of clean, ne…

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