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iPhone Rocks!

I do not need to say anything much about how iPhone rocks! I will probably highlight some of the major deficiencies as a phone (not PDA or iPod thingy which I will probably cover later).

1. SMS - There is no way that you can forward a SMS. You also do not have a choice to delete a single SMS.

2. Contacts - You cannot send a contact's information to anyone.

3. The call history does not differentiate between incoming/outgoing calls/missed calls unless you touch on the number to go into detail view.

4. Named/Broadcast SMS from your service provider/internet banking will not work. For example, your internet banking authentication send you a PIN via SMS, you will not receive it. You will also not receive your miss call alert SMS from your service provider.

BUT... the iPhone still ROCKs!!!!

Unlocking an iPhone

A lot of my friends has been asking me for the steps on unlocking an iPhone. The hardware unlock is of the past, you have the easiest anySIM software unlock now. I thought that I might as well provide some simple steps on how to do it. I will not be responsible for your phone if you ever brick it.

Files needed: jailbreak, iBrickr, PACAY and anySIM.pxl. You should be able to find all these files from the internet. Plenty of source for it.

1. Make sure your iPhone is fully charge and connect it to your PC.

2. Start your iPhone in recovery mode by holding the POWER and HOME button. The screen will shows a Yellow Triangle with the word PLEASE CONNECT TO ITUNE.

3. Start your iTune. It will ask you to restore your iPhone. Press the SHIFT and click RESTORE button to proceed to restore to v1.0.2 (The anySIM currently works only on iPhone v1.0.2, do not try on any other versions). It will take about 10 minutes.

4. Once completed, shutdown iTune.exe and iTuneHelper.exe in the Task Manager.

5. Run Jai…

I've got a hardware unlocked iPhone

Yes, I got it! My U.S. colleague got me one of the most hyped phone of the century. You may think, so what? You can't even use it in Singapore!
You are half right. I have done a GeoHotz's hardware hack method to unlock my iphone. Be jealous, I am the only one or few in Singapore that has the hardware unlocked iPhone.
I will post more about my iPhone review later. Here's 2 pictures of my iPhone on SingTel network.

I want one! Apple iPhone

I have just watched the iPhone introduction presentation and demonstration by Steve Job.
All I can say is I want one now! Unfortunately for people like me in Asia, I can only drool when the Americans are playing with their wonderful gadget coming 29th June 2007. I wonder if I could get hold of one from the eBay and use it in Asia? Or will it be locked to AT&T? Nevertheless, I will post what that attracts me to this amazing and revolution iPhone in my next article.