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Apple's Warranty Policy on iPad

Recently my iPad suddenly refused to turn-on. Since it is under warranty, I decided to bring it down to the service centre for a repair (in Singapore).

To my shocks, the service centre refused to take in my iPad. The reason given was that I have dents at the corners of my iPad. I argued that the iPad has had dents all this while and was still working well, the fault is not related to the dents. However, the service centre stands by their policy.
Apple replaces a faulty iPad under warranty and does not repair them (at least in Singapore). This could have resulted in abuse by Apple users to replace their badly deformed iPads by faking some faults. 
I am not asking Apple to replace my iPad. I just need them to rectify the fault. They can give me back the iPad in whatever condition that I have given them after they have repair it. Nobody has asked for a new replacement, it is their policy of not repairing the iDevice but replacing it.

Update: Apple has been good. They have excellent custom…