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Me and my Zyxel NBG-460 Wireless-N Gigabit Router

I was at the PC Show 2008 last week and thought that I got a damn good deal. A Wireless-N Gigabit router for SGD165! It's a beautiful D-Link DIR-655 lookalike Zyxel NBG-460 wireless-N gigabit router. 
Let's look at the feature of the NBG-460 router. Wireless LAN 802.11n (Draft 2) with 300 Mbps
4-Ports Gigabit Switch
3 x 2DBi external antennae
Virtual DMZ-Zone
Built-in DDNS Support
IPSec-VPN Tunnels
WPA/WPA2 Personal Support
The feature set looks great and it's definitely value for money. However, I learnt the bad way... Good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good!

The Web-GUI looks cool and easy to use and configure. The first incident was that the router hanged on saving my settings. No joke, I am connected wired to the router. I assumed that this might be one-off incident. Next, I got my D-Link DNS-323 gigabit NAS connected to the NBG-460 gigabit port.
After getting my iMac and Macbook Air hook up wirelessly, I started copied a 259MB file from my iMac wireless…

Palm Emulator on iPhone

If you are migrating from Palm to iPhone and likely to miss some of you Palm applications or games, then StyleTap's Palm OS Emulator will comes handy. The Palm OS emulator will run on an iPhone or iPod Touch and allows you to run the many thousands of Palm applications and games out there in the market.
Here's a video demonstration of the StyleTap on an iPod Touch.