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Jabra Halo

I am now listening to the music on Jabra Halo Bluetooth headset. I can't describe that "wow" factor. This is a light wireless bluetooth headset that plays perfect music with that bass punch and crisp treble.

The mic is good for that conversation with your love one or friends. It doesn't get the perfect score for the mic but it's not far from there.

The design is slim and light. You might not notice it on my head.

This is one that you would want to go with your iPhone.

-- Post From My iPhone

HTC Magic

I have the chance of playing withthe HTC Magic for the past few days. I reserved some of my comments for that so called iPhone killer. It's no way near there. When Linux was launched, everyone is excited about it but it didn't take off even though it is free and has a very nicely interface built. Why?

It's simple. It's an open source OS. Everyone under the sun has a say of the OS. It creates tons of confusion. There is no standard throughout the system. For example, what should I use to read my email? There are gmail for gmail, something else for exchange email and some others too. Then how about facebook? Yes, someone build a facebook app, but it is just a browser shell access the facebook mobile.

I also noted that the wifi doesn't connect that fast. IPhone is good at picking up your home wifi and connect it fast enough. If the wifi is drop, it switches to the 3G seamlessly. But not the HTC Magic.

Lastly, the phone OS is sluggish!

-- Post From My iPhone

Kingston DataTraveler

There are many thumbdrives flooding the market. Some are of good quality and some are just there to make up the numbers.

Kingston DataTraveler is one that is quite well made and allows fast read/write. It takes less than 30 seconds to copy 350MB of data across. Another test with a 3.5GB data takes less than 2 minutes.

-- Post From My iPhone