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DIY Wireless Digital Camera

Have you ever find how troublesome it is to remove the memory card from your digital camera and copy the photos to your computer? Or find it tedious to use the provided USB cable to transfer the photos from your digital camera?
The Eye-Fi SD Card is your saviour! It enable wireless for your digital camera. The Eye-Fi Card stores photos & videos like a traditional memory card, and fits in most cameras. When you turn your camera on within range of a configured Wi-Fi network, it wirelessly transfersyour photos & videos. Additional to that, you can automatically have them sent to your computer, or to your favorite photo sharing website - or both! Best of all, it works for PC and mac. Check out at

An Intellient Pet

Have you ever wanted a pet that you do not need to shower, feed and clean up their poops?

You can with this cute little artificial intelligent dinosaur Pleo. It has it's own thoughts having six microprocessors and more than forty motors. It has touch sensors all over it's body to detect and feel your touches.
The downside is that the battery lasted only an hour of play. The skin-like rubbery body is easily susceptible to wear and tear. It's manufacturer, UGlobe, has declared bankrupt on 20th April 2009.

If you can overcome the downside, be prepare to pay for about USD200 from Amazon. In Singapore, you can get it for around SGD768.

For more information, you can visit