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Apple vs Creative

Creative has been the pioneer of MP3 players and have been the parent of many designs and colorful MP3 players of different sizes cater to different segments of audience.

Apple is the slower starter and have only 4 designs of players till date.

Both companies have been producing better audio quality players. Yet Apple have the biggest market shares. Why is that so?

It all boils down to focus and design. Apple's Cupertino designer have successfully designed the coolest product on earth. The right color combination with the touch-sensitive clicked-wheel together with the easy interface makes iPod a hit. The quality of the build is never a question. All Apple needs is to keep to this design and come out with the down-sized version such as the Mini and the latest Nano.

Creative have churned out many models yet none is as successful as the iPod. I suspect that most of the models are not in-house designed but source from Korea. Their Zen and Muvo maybe in-house design, but judging from the designs it sucks. Creative should change the whole lot of designers. I can boldly declared that I am a better designer than anyone of them in Creative. If Mr. Sim is going to hire me as their designer consultant, I bet he will never regret.

Also, there are just too many models in the Creative line-up that they are like the rest of the players such as iRiver and Wewa etc. The quality of the build is also suspected. When I look at their MP3 players, the plastics that they used looks cheap, the buttons and the LCD screen backlight etc are also not up to the standard.

Basically, an overhaul of the existing designers and engineers need to be considered in order for Creative to stage a fight with the powerhouse - Apple. Else, they could just sit-back and wrestle with the rest of the smaller players.


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