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Is Apple Watch Series 2 GPS really working?

I have been actively using Apple Watch 2 Nike Plus for my running activities for a few months. I usually run with my iPhone as well just in case that I have an emergency need to make a call for help.  I wasn't aware of the negativity of the Apple Watch 2 (AW2) GPS since the Nike+ Run Club (NRC) App recorded and tracked my running route pretty good, though not as accurate as my Fenix 3 HR but acceptable.

Recently there are a few occasions that I ran without my iPhone. On syncing the data after each run, I found out that there is some issues with the AW2 GPS. Without the iPhone, it seems that AW2 GPS randomly tracked the route. The starting point and ending point is also inaccurate.

This is extracted from the Nike+ Run Club app. The starting/ending points are wrong, and so is the route.

This is extracted from the Garmin Connect app. It correctly tracked my route and also the starting/ending points.

As you can see from the screenshots that I have captured from the NRC and Garmin apps, AW2 GPS tracking are way off. Though the distance tracked is more or less correct.

I sent my AW2 back to Apple Authorized Service Center in Singapore to complain about the GPS. They did a software diagnostic and said that the GPS sensor is working and that the GPS is used to track the distance and not the route... Errrrr.... *Face Palmed* I referred the service agent to to show him that Apple marketing material indicated that you can see a map of your route blah blah. Only then he said that they will retain the watch for further diagnostic. I have not got back my AW2 yet, will update further.


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