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Smart Baby Series

If you are reading this article, most likely you would have bought a copy of Smart Baby Series. This has been one of my best selling Apps in Apple App Store having sold a few thousands copies. I believe that most of you who have bought the App would have known Glenn Doman teaching methods for baby - that is flashing flash cards to stimulate the brain activities and keeping the neurons active thus increasing their intelligence.

I am a parent myself and went through the same GD teaching method to my son. He is now a 4-year old boy who is active and very smart. I am a believer of GD teaching having see the result of my son.

For your information, Smart Baby Series target babies 0-6 months old. You might comment that your baby isn't interested in the flash cards shown to them, but in reality they are learning. Just do your diligent 2-3 times a day and see the result for yourself. You are most likely to get a smart active baby compared to those that just lie there on the mattress or sitting quietly on the stroller when you bring them out.

To the few people who have rated the App badly either because they do not know how to use the App, thinks that the App is buggy or doesn't know about GD teaching concept, I would like to take this opportunity to guide you through.

If you are asking why Black and White cards only? Simple - baby see only Black and White. :)

The above is the main screen. Here's the definition for each legend.

  • A - configuration page; 
  • B - read about Baby Training and FAQ;
  • C - Tap on the module that you wish to teach your baby.

  • Baby Age - Selecting this option has an effect on the number of cards displayed to the baby. For 0-2 months, the system will shows 5 cards at a time to the baby. Everyday, one card will be replaced with another new card. The rationale is to prevent over-stressed to baby learning. Selecting more than 2 months will show every cards that the system have.
  • Sound - Turning on and off the music and sound
  • Transition - For the Shape flash cards, using the default transition is good for baby 0-2 months babies because each card is pop-up on the center and replacing the previous card. This limit the movement of their eyes which is pretty weak at this time. After 2 months, switch to Random transitions and you will see cards flying in from different directions. This helps in training their eye muscles and control.
  • Duration - Recommended duration for babies is 3 seconds. Enough time to catch their attention and reduce their boredom.

Flash card session

During the session, tap on any of the 4 corners as shown (highlighted in red) to exit to main menu. There is no sliding left or right here (except Smart Toddler series) because the displaying of the flash cards is a controlled timing (read up more on Glenn Doman teaching method). Tapping on the corner is to prevent baby accidentally touching the screen to exit the training session prematurely.

Updated: We have updated the app so that bigger kids can swipe left or right to slide to the next card. All you need to do is to go to the Setting and select MANUAL transition.

I hope that helps. Thank you again for your support, feel free to drop me your feedback. I will definitely take in your valuable feedback to update the App to make it even better.


ASearcy said…
Is this app for IPad? The home page does not fit the size of my phone. I am unable to access any options. My baby loves it but I am stuck only showing him the abc's.
Anonymous said…
This is a universal app that works on iPhone and iPad. Which iPhone are you using? Can you send a screenshot to Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will investigate the issue.

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