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Unlocking an iPhone

A lot of my friends has been asking me for the steps on unlocking an iPhone. The hardware unlock is of the past, you have the easiest anySIM software unlock now. I thought that I might as well provide some simple steps on how to do it. I will not be responsible for your phone if you ever brick it.

Files needed: jailbreak, iBrickr, PACAY and anySIM.pxl. You should be able to find all these files from the internet. Plenty of source for it.

1. Make sure your iPhone is fully charge and connect it to your PC.

2. Start your iPhone in recovery mode by holding the POWER and HOME button. The screen will shows a Yellow Triangle with the word PLEASE CONNECT TO ITUNE.

3. Start your iTune. It will ask you to restore your iPhone. Press the SHIFT and click RESTORE button to proceed to restore to v1.0.2 (The anySIM currently works only on iPhone v1.0.2, do not try on any other versions). It will take about 10 minutes.

4. Once completed, shutdown iTune.exe and iTuneHelper.exe in the Task Manager.

5. Run Jailbreak in DOS mode. Follow on-screen instruction.

6. Run PACAY's One-Click-Activation for iPhone and YouTube. Follow on-screen instruction.

7. Run iBricker. Select Application and Install PXL. Follow on-screen instruction. Once done, select Install PXL from File. Select anySIM.pxl

8. Once anySIM is installed into your phone, you will see an icon there.

9. Restart your phone.

10. Set your phone to NEVER lock.

11. Start the anySIM by touching the icon. Click agree to proceed.

12. Wait for about 5-10 minutes for the process to complete.

13. Pray... and do not touch the phone and let anyone come close to it.

14. You should see a UNLOCK FAILURE message. Ignore it, restart your phone.

15. Put in your SIM card and there you go!


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