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Apple iPad

Since the announcement if Apple iPad, there have been many negative comments all over the world, from the name, to the design and hardware. Is the comments justifiable? Let me do some quick analysis.

1. iPad, eyepad, maxi-pad or iTampon? Why did Apple, for all it's brilliant, uses such a controversial name? And due to the name, there will be a lawsuit from Fujitsu. It's all about marketing ploy. With all the jokes around the name, does it helps that the iPad is all over the places?

2. The design with the large black borders. Then again, with a 10" size tablet device, you need to hold on to it and not mess with the multi-touch in the display. With the borders, it helps that you can comfortably holds on to the device on your crouch.

3. No webcam? It's a let down but come to think of it, how many times have you use your webcam for video conferencing? I have done that less than 5 times on my iMac and MacBook. And many of my friends are in the same boat as me. They tried it once or twice when they got their webcam new, then chuck it aside to collect dust.

In fact, I have come to term with the iPad after my initial disappointment. It's a brilliant device that serves a purpose well. I will come to that in my next write-up.

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